Pastel and Colored Pencil Works

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Girl From Italy

This pastel of "Girl from Italy" was the inspiration for a painting which served as the feature artwork for the 2017 Purpose Awards at the Streamys in Los Angeles, California.  

van Gogh

Jimmy's rendition of "van Gogh" uses a winding array of tick marks to create this impressionist painters somber face. This Piece is one of Jimmy's earliest and most infamous works of art.    

Girl With Blue Hair

The use of electric color to complement the juxtaposition of containment and expression in "Girl with Blue Hat" defines this piece. Jimmy's choice to superimpose his subjects outline and core, forces us to challenge our traditional perception of a portrait.   


Jimmy's Great Uncle is a famous Italian painter by the name of George Schneeman. George moved to New York where he lived and created art for most of his career.