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Jimmy Reagan

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Artist Comments: I love color.  By using small "tick" marks and blocks of color, I create emotion and beauty in my pictures.  I find joy in my work and my art allows me to communicate with others without using words.  The viewer learns about me through my pictures.

Ideas and Inspiration:  My "tick" marks are inspired by Van Gogh and other Impressionist's small paint strokes.  I use "tick" marks in unique ways rarely using them exclusively in a work. Picasso's cubist period has influenced my portraiture.  I find the cubist lines and bold colors inspiring.

Education: Edina High School, Minnesota

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Artist Statement: Born on July 6th, 1993 in St. Paul, Minnesota and creating art since 2009, Reagan is significantly influenced by van Gogh, Picasso, Mid-Century artists and Expressionism. Reagan has a passion for color, texture and the simplicity of an image. His work is expressive and inventive while innocent and sophisticated at the same time.  The sumptuous, unexpected array of color in Reagan's work, suggests the artist's relationship to synesthesia. Bright, electric color infuses his images as do short lines he defines as 'tick marks". Reagan's favorite subjects are portraits –both people and animals. The subjects of Reagan’s portraiture often depict a clear, sometimes striking, direct gaze. Eye contact is an interesting and reoccurring theme. Diagnosed with complex autism at age 2 1/2, Reagan's work offers him a means to illustrate his perspective of the world.

Internationally recognized Outsider Artist, Jimmy Reagan, challenges mainstream norms creating conversations about art, healthcare, purpose and hope. Jimmy's verbal language is often lost. Though color, texture and provoking portraiture,  Jimmy tells a story of beauty, perseverance, passion, joy, illness, imagination, purpose & dignity while inspiring others to challenge their own viewpoints.

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Through Jimmy's Eyes

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